Serious Mental Health (& Me)

  • Serious Mental Health is a survivor-led blog advocating for the voice, choice, dignity, and rights of people who use public services, particularly those using mental health & housing services, and those with complex needs.
  • This blog is for service users and for people who work with or care for them. We are better working together.
  • My name is Zoë. I am not a professional, but have lived experience of the topics I care and write about. First-hand understanding of homelessness, domestic violence, and the Mental Health Act have led me to believe in the importance of the service user voice, social justice, and better services for disadvantaged and vulnerable people.
  • I have a degree in sociology, and I have experience of working in a prison, with young people in local authority care, and with rough sleepers. I also have customer service and quality assurance experience. I believe in compassionate services that benefit everybody and in creating opportunities for mutual learning, growth, and service improvement.
  • I particularly like to write about aspects of mental health that aren’t covered in mainstream mental health awareness dialogues. These include epistemic injustice, alternative service user stances and realities, and iatrogenic harm.